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Murder Mystery  

Brought to your Business

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Looking for a unique Team-Building experience for your leadership? Looking for a special way to thank your employees for reaching sales or other goals for your company or organization?

Consider a Murder Mystery . . .

WE bring everything for the Murder Mystery -- scripts, props, prizes, and more.

YOU provide the space at your place of business, as well as refreshments for your employees. Depending on time of day that might mean mid-morning coffee and pastries, lunch or mid-afternoon refreshments.

EIGHT employees will assume the roles of suspects while the rest of the group will work in teams to sort out the clues and figure out who committed the murder and why.


TIME:           About 2.5 hours

COST:          Employee Count of 25-50 - $12pp  |  51-100 - $10pp  |  100+ - $8pp

CONTACT: Message us in the Contact tab

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