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Want to start your own venue? Click Here.
Want your Space to become Best in Class? Click Here.

Have you always wanted to own an event venue, but don't know how to begin? We can help. Contact us today!

Do you own and operate a venue, but want to stand out among venues in your community?  We can help here too!

Are you a boutique hotel owner/operator in your city and want to become best in class? Here's how we can help . . .

Having visited hundreds of properties over the last decade as the “Guest,” Julie and Meredith have cultivated a very unique vantage point that has afforded them extensive experience in evaluating space and taste from a “guest experience” perspective.


With a depth of understanding of the hotel and hospitality industry, as well as the level of excellence businesses must attain in order to compete, they recognized that this unique vantage point could do much more than help the team chronicle great Vibrant Spaces and tell their stories. The thorough analysis required to produce a story could actually provide a wealth of value to the business by sharing their FULL findings confidentially with management.

Our full formalized report provides management with the entire list of positives AND also covers everything that will NOT be published in a Vibrant Space story. Our team helps businesses identify what’s working really well and accentuate those “positives,” while pinpointing and addressing their “not-so-positives.” Many times all it takes for a business to stand out among the competition is one dedicated leader in the business who wants an objective, experienced, thoughtful evaluation, for the sole purpose of making that service or product excel!

To learn more about Vibrant Space Consulting, click here. Want your Space to become Best in Class? Click Here.

Want to start your own venue? Click Here.


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