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Tuscan Hill was the first of our Tuscan Hospitality entities, envisioned a few decades previously when founder and owner, Julie, was in her mid-twenties. In 2006, she finally had the time, resources and energy to bring her dream to life. After searching for three years for just the right property, she purchased what she would soon name Tuscan Hill. She and her daughter Meredith, moved onto the large estate in March of 2009 when Meredith was just 17. Unfolding the dream was a process they worked on largely together; from naming the property, to designing the logo and website, to decorating, creating ambiance, to establishing policies and practices.


Julie's dream was for Tuscan Hill to be a gathering place for all of life's special occasions - weddings, fundraisers, private dinners, corporate board meetings, anniversary parties, birthdays and graduations to name a few. 


Tuscan Hill also offered community events such as Holidays on the Hill, Murder Mystery Dinners, Yoga on the Lawn and Pop-Up Dinner Experiences.

To read more about Tuscan Hill and it's closure in 2022, visit Tuscan Hill's website here.

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